Concierge Corner by Cathy Vaccari

I feel there are certain landmark locations that our guests simply expect to see when coming to Savannah for the first time: the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Forsyth Park, the Georgia State Railroad Museum, Bonaventure Cemetery and City Market.

I would include one treasure for which we are not yet famous: the Webb Military Museum. This intimate look into the lives of those affected by war is deeply moving. 

For second-time visitors I suggest they devote a day to touring Effingham County: historic churches, the old jail, the courthouse, antique shops, quaint restaurants, carefully restored old homes, Mars Theatre, Butterducks Winery and more.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center is an amazing option, especially if you have children.

About Cathy: I am from Little Italy, Arkansas, in the Ouachita Mountains. I came to Savannah having fallen in love with her as so many of us do, and I could be in no better position than that of concierge - being able to share all that I appreciate about this lovely city.

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08 Mar 2017

By Cathy Vaccari - Savannah Concierge