Delicious Southern Cuisine

One of the most delightful things about Savannah is the surprising variety in food options. Whether you are looking for bracing morning coffee, a delicious brunch, satisfying lunch, a late-night snack, a casual dinner or elegant fine dining – whether you want to sample Southern cuisine, international foods, sweets, traditional favorites or foodie havens – you’ll find exactly what you are hungry for in Savannah.

               The Hostess City has a well-deserved reputation for delicious Southern cuisine, like crispy fried chicken or tangy barbeque, but a number of restaurants have been exploring locally sourced, super-fresh ingredients as well, and farm-to-table options include locally raised, grass-fed beef and organic local farm-grown fruits and vegetables. We are also home to absolutely fresh and delicious local seafood, and authentic tastes from regions of the country, like New Orleans, and farflung countries like Scotland, Ireland, Cuba, Italy, Thailand or Vietnam.

               Savannah hosts some traditional favorite restaurants where locals and visitors go again and again to celebrate the special days in their lives with dishes they love and gracious service they rely on, and it’s also home to new ventures introducing diners to original presentations and exotic ingredients. And while Savannahians love to dress for dinner, the large number of visitors to our city mean that more casual attire is usually just fine.

               As you stroll through the historic district, keep an eye out for posted menus that might lead you to a local favorite or even a best-kept secret, and stop for a cup of steaming coffee, tea, an ice cream cone or a snappy cocktail to discuss your options for the evening.

               Location is something to think about here, as well. If you enjoy people-watching, you might choose outdoor seating in busy City Market. How about a Savannah River view, where you can watch the ships and ferries pass by and enjoy twinkling lights in the evening? Commune with nature in a spot with a Tybee Island marsh or ocean view or celebrate our historic architecture. You can even choose a haunted spot where you might just see a ghost!

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11 Apr 2017

By Tiffany Altman